83rd Skål International World Congress: İzmir

            The 83rd Skål International World Congress, which will be held from 16 to 21 October 2024, will take place in the city of Izmir (Türkiye).

            Izmir is a popular destination for visitors with its historical and cultural riches, magnificent coastline, and modern infrastructure. It is also one of the leading cities in Türkiye's tourism sector. There are direct flights from 68 destinations and 35 countries and connecting flights from İstanbul linking the world to Izmir.

            You will get the chance to see remarkable national parks, UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites such as Pergamon and Ephesus, and one of the world’s first open-air market place called “Kemeralti”, the beautifully preserved historical town of Birgi and Geneose Trade Road Castles and Gediz Delta with its stunning nature. Please, take advantage of Turkish Airlines’ special discount for our congress attendees and make the most of our country with our pre-post and spouse tours.

            Turkish Airlines is the official airline of the Skål International World Congress İzmir 2024, special discounts are offered for all delegates. To proceed with the online booking tool, visit Turkish Airlines promo code website and use the next event code under the promotion code section: 002TKM24

            All in One City: İzmir

            İzmir, the third biggest city of Türkiye, is a modern and well-developed city as well as an important culture, art, tourism and trade center. The Aegean Sea, dancing with all shades of blue such as turquoise, lies elegantly like a lacework along the western shore of the region with its bays and beaches.

            With a history of 8500 years, İzmir, which is also called “Beautiful İzmir”, lies at the coast of a long and narrow gulf in the west of the Anatolian Peninsula. Herodotus, the famous historian of ancient times, describes the city with its Mediterranean climate with these words: “They established their city under the most supreme dome of the sky and the best climate in the world”.

            Ephesus, located on the south of İzmir, and Pergamon, on the north, were two of the biggest and most famous cities of the Ancient Era. Containing all the richness of Ionian culture, these cities had a deep influence with their intense cultural, artistic, commercial and religious activities. The ancient cities of Ephesus and Pergamon are still well known all over the world and they are mesmerizing attraction centers for people who are indulged in history. Homer, the master of poets, was born in İzmir and the city is a mixture of the colorful past of the Aegean region and the rapidly changing history of Anatolia. As a modern city that has turned its face to Western civilization, İzmir maintains its development in terms of culture, art, trade and industry.

            Must Do's in İzmir

            • Enjoy the sunset at Alsancak Kordon.

            • Taste Boyoz, a type of pastry, for breakfast.

            • Take a ferry ride across the Gulf of Izmir and enjoy cruising on the Aegean Sea.

            • Explore the nearby towns of Seferihisar (Cittaslow), Urla, Alaçatı, Çeşme, and Foça.

            • Take a walk in Kültürpark, the city’s central park.

            • Enjoy the view from the historic elevator in Karataş.

            • Indulge in local delicacies, handicrafts and souvenirs at the historic Kemeraltı Market.

            View from Izmir (Türkiye).

            The next Skål International World Congress website will be open soon: www.skalworldcongress2024.com
            Don’t be late to register; to meet with Skål International friends around the world, make new business contacts, and enjoy the beautiful city of İzmir.

            See you in İzmir!