Message from Mario Sequeira, International Skål Councillor India

Mario Sequeira

International Skål Councillor India

The sudden, swift, severe summer storm seemed to have caught most Indians totally unaware. It was as if people were walking down a busy road when clouds started to build. Since then for quite some time they have been huddled in virtual siege waiting for the storm to pass. This scene sums up what most of us in India are going through.

Generally hunkering down, waiting for COVID to pass and praying that things will soon get back to normal.

India First - Moving Ahead

With her ‘India First - Moving Ahead’ webinars our Skål International India President Ranjini Nambiar took advantage of virtual meetings and converted them into an opportunity to reach to the entire membership with a message of hope and sought to remind beleaguered Skålleagues that we could still do business amongst friends even if it had to be done differently. 

I know of many Skålleagues who as a result of these webinars have taken up the business of distributing and marketing COVID related material like masks, sanitizers, etc. Kudos, to our President!

Skål International India is also actively seeking opportunities for branding wherever it sees an opportunity for good publicity.

A lot of brainstorming is also underway regarding ways and means to retain membership.

Clubs highlights

On the clubs front, one of those that have stood out is the Skål International Club of Goa. They are delighted because they have been selected by Skål International India to be showcased to Skål International for the Skål International Club of the Year 2019-20 award.

The Club under the able leadership of a very dynamic President Ernest Dias has been leaving no stone unturned to see to it that they tick off and cross all the criteria set up by Skål International. Despite the challenges put up by COVID, they have been meeting in select numbers to double check reports that may be required for them to win the very prestigious award. Goa being a very vibrant Club with activities right through the year I am quite confident that they will make India proud.

Right through this pandemic I have seen a few clubs stand out as islands of happiness radiating a strength and confidence that only faith in the unseen could bring. 

I am delighted to share with you that Skål International India and all the clubs within the area have taken up many projects in community service. All clubs depending on their abilities were seen distributing food and clothing to people that were either stranded or unable to fend for themselves.

All in all, even though the waters are rough and the storm refuses to abate, Skål International India is confidant and vibrant. 

We will hang in there and be around to celebrate life after the storm has passed over.
Till then I wish you happiness, good health, friendship and a very long life! 


Mario Sequeira

International Skål Councillor India