May'22 Message from the President

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022

After 120 days in office, I am happy to report that your Skål International Executive Committee is working hard and well in accomplishing the goals set for 2022 along with International Skål Council and Skål International HQ Team. 

As you know, between April 26-29, 2022, your Skål International Executive Board and the International Skål Council met for the first time since 2019 for the ISC Mid Year Meeting in Torremolinos, Spain. 

The Executive Board and the International Skål Council had successful meeting sessions separately and one joint meeting where the Executive Board members shared updates on their portfolios with International Skål Council members, answered questions and discussed ongoing and future projects.

I conducted a presentation summarizing the first 4 months in office along with accomplishments and what is to come next. You can find my presentation on this link.

May and June will be exciting months for Skål International as our Governance Committee will report with their final proposal for structure which will be then taken over by the Statues and Bylaws Committee for their discussion and votes. In our June Magazine you will receive detailed reports on the accomplishments of our committees as all of them have been working actively on several projects. 

It is wonderful to see travel being back up to speed and in many countries the statistics showing numbers soon reaching the 2019 levels.I attended the Skål International North America Congress and it was a pleasure to meet with Skålleagues from the USA, Canada and Mexico over the three days of the event.

90th Anniversary of Skål International Paris

If you are wondering how the Skål International movement started in 1932 then you need to book yourself for the upcoming 90th anniversary of Skål International Paris! The club is organizing a 3-day celebration that will take place between July 1-3. I will be there to celebrate the birth of Skal with our first Skål International club in Paris – I hope you will join me and many other Skålleagues from around the globe who plan to attend the celebrations.

2022 Skål International World Congress

Another exciting news is the upcoming World Congress in Croatia! The online registrations opened on April 20, 2022! Don’t delay your booking for the long-awaited Skål International 81st World Congress that will take place between October 13-18 in the Kvaerner Region!

The local organizing committee of Skål International Croatia under the leadership of Tamara Černeka, President, Skål International Kvarner, former World President Nic Racic and ISC Katica Hauptfeld has been working hard to welcome the world of Skål International to an exceptional World Congress. 

Your Skål International Executive Board is already registered and is looking forward to meeting with you all at the 81st Skål International AGA. We will celebrate together the results of working and staying strong together. 

Skålleagues, as always please know that your Skål International Executive Board and the Skål International HQ Team is always here to assist you with any questions, concerns, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time, it is always our pleasure to serve you.

Always, in Friendship and Skal,

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International World President, 2022