July'22 Notes from the Editor

Annette Cardenas

Director PR, Communications and Social Media


I think we all can agree that engaging in something we truly like and believe in can be very rewarding in many ways.

It is through active participation that we achieve success in any endeavor and,  when it comes to membership in an organization, club or association this becomes more important as our involvement helps us capitalize on the benefits offered by them.

I hope you enjoy reading this month about some of our fellow Skålleagues and clubs; their trajectory and activities all reflecting the spirit that distinguishes Skål International and its members.

I would like to encourage of all you to participate and follow actively our social media channels and communications – it is wonderful to receive questions and comments – they are always welcome and appreciated.  Also, there is so much to learn from the best practices that are shared – and, why not, emulating them in our own clubs and countries.

I think William Arthur Ward put it best when he said:

Do more than belong – participate

Do more than care – help

Do more than believe – practice

Do more than be fair – be kind

Do more than forgive – forget

Do more than dream – work

William Arthur Ward, writer.

Until next month...


Annette Cardenas

Director PR, Communications and Social Media