ECPAT’s online training and certification opportunities for Skål International members

Skål International is delighted to announce that the 2023 Trafficking Sub-Committee which was part of the Advocacy, Global Partnerships & Trade Shows invested significant effort in various projects.

It is now time to reveal the outcomes of their hard work.

The Committee identified two distinct focus areas:

Firstly, in collaboration with ECPAT, the committee organized online training and certification opportunities for our members. These programs are categorized as ‘Hotel Training’ and ‘Travel Training’. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in these initiatives.

When enrolling in these training programs, please use the same email address registered with Skål International. Additionally, select ‘Skål International’ as your company from the dropdown menu.

Furthermore, we highly recommend you commit to the Skål International Oath on Trafficking, administered during the AGA in Malaga in November 2023. You can view and confirm your commitment to this Oath by clicking here or clicking the following button: