Committees’ Workshops during Skål International World Congress

16 October 2022 was the day for the Global Market Place, B2B and Committees’ Workshops.

The Advocacy & Global Partnerships Committee offered two presentations on Sustainability Programming for Skål International and Combatting Juvenile Trafficking in Tourism. The presenters were Kemi Soetan, Kit Bing Wong Ho, Ville Riihimaki, Alfred Merse, Jane Garcia, Carl Vaz and Stephen Richer.

The Training & Education Committee made a presentation on the Proposed Induction Course for Skål International members which was presented by Jim Dwyer, and Carol Bayne presented the Proposed Succession Plan for Leaders.

Juergen Steinmetz from the Media & Public Relations Committee offered a presentation on PR/Media Strategies for the Changing World.

From the Membership Development Committee, Valerie Côté made a presentation on Why Join Skål International which included Best Practices from Skål International Canada and Skål International Côte d’Azur:

Skål International Cote d'Azur Teaser: