April'21 Notes from the Editor

Burcin Turkkan

Senior Vice President Skål International

What do we truly value? 

And what really counts in our lives? We're posing these questions more than ever in 2021. 

Orientation and collaboration are of the essence, especially at a time like this. We want goals we can work towards and causes we can stand up for, plus the courage to put our ideas into action. 

Skål Month has been an initiative that required courage to implement as it was never done before. It has been an initiative that re-engaged our clubs and members worldwide towards the goal of doing business among friends while celebrating Skål International's 89th anniversary, friendship, and amical. The events allowed Skålleagues to show their Skål International Pride and an opportunity to showcase their destination while meeting with Skålleagues from around the globe, virtually allowing them to continue to stay connected on a different level.

I want to thank President Bill Rheaume for supporting the initiative and believing in us all to make it happen. I also would like to thank CEO Daniela Otero and the Skål International General Secretariat team for offering logistical support. But more importantly, I would like to thank all the 26 Skål International clubs and National Committees who have participated in the Skål Month Celebrations; who made the time & effort to prepare, organize and execute these online events; your efforts are genuinely appreciated. Of course, our fellow Skålleagues worldwide, who made the time to join these events and got to virtually visit a different destination this month; Happy Skal Month! We hope you enjoyed the series!

This month's newsletter is packed with updates from clubs, our industry partners, the latest industry trends, virtual industry events where Skål International was present, added industry webinar sessions contents to our Resource Centre, and new benefits. We also have a new section called 'Digital Now'; this month, we highlight the joint project done by Skål International San Francisco and Skål International Atlanta on effective use of LinkedIn as a platform for personal and professional levels. Last but not least, don't forget to read the Skål History section while celebrating World Skål Day on April 28, 2021, where Antonio García del Valle Gómez tells us about Skål International foundation. 

I want to end my notes by wishing you a Happy World Skål Day and leave you with the souvenir we have prepared for you all – Skal History Video.



Always in Friendship and Skål,

Burcin Turkkan

Skål International Senior Vice President

PR, Communications and Social Media