Skål International São Paulo held two important events to the travel industry

Skål International São Paulo 2021 Tourism Personality

Tour House Group CEO and leader of the ‘Supera Turismo Movement’, Carlos Prado, was elected Skål 2021 Tourism Personality in recognition to his relevant role towards the recovery of Brazilian travel industry.

The event took place in november 2021 at a dinner at Blue Tree Hotel, in São Paulo, by Skål International São Paulo. Around 120 prominent leaders of the travel & tourism trade and Skål International members attended the event. “We have to take care of our house, our people and our planet”, said Mr. Prado.

The true spirit of unity portrayed by Skål International is present in all minds and hearts, here at this significant meeting for the travel industry. Mr. Prado represents the soul of our collaborative network, which connects around 13,000 professionals in 102 countries. As a Skålleague, entrepreneur, articulator and an achiever, his discreet leadership illuminates the path for the industry’s recovery”, commented Walter Teixeira, President of Skål International São Paulo.

Skål International São Paulo took the opportunity to graduate 6 new Skålleagues and announce the structuring of Young Skål, involving a partnership with 4 tourism courses, 8 teachers and 40 young students.

Top Destinos Turísticos Award

This second event, held on November 30 in the auditorium of the seat of government in São Paulo, was attended by around 450 people, including the Governor of the state of São Paulo and his Secretary of Travel and Tourism.

São Paulo is the most important Brazilian state in terms of GDP. Skål International Sao Paulo, in association with the ADVB - Association of Sales Managers in Brazil - has been giving an award for the last 3 years to the municipalities that stand out in the mobilization of tourism, together with the private sector.

This year, 127 municipalities were registered, and there were more than 130,000 votes from residents through the internet, in addition to a technical jury that nominates the winners in 16 categories of the tourism segment.