Skål International Philadelphia 65th Anniversary Celebration

On December 11th, 2019 Skål Philadelphia celebrated its 65 Year Anniversary with a grand celebration! 

Led by President Greg DeShields and Vice President Mariska Bogle, the event featured memories, food, drinks, and entertainment. Attendance reached 55 people and included multiple surrounding Skål representatives, 6 educational institutions, and prospective members. The educational partners in attendance were: Philadelphia Academies, Inc., Philadelphia OIC Opportunities Inn Hospitality Training Program, Temple University, Cheyney University, Community College of Philadelphia and Montgomery County Community College. The event was held at a sleek, sophisticated private event space sitting 500 ft atop Philadelphia with breath-taking panoramic views spanning over 40 miles which added to the celebratory atmosphere.  

In the year 2019 alone, Skål International Philadelphia has recruited approximately 10 new members! During the event, Skål International Philadelphia's board presented a celebration of the decades by highlighting key moments in Philadelphia hospitality and Skål International history during its 65 year life. 

Skål International Philadelphia, under the leadership of Greg and Mariska, has taken a new approach to its methods and efforts, focusing on diversity and inclusion throughout the Philadelphia hospitality sector. Through these initiatives, there has been an uptick of new member interest in all aspects of the hospitality industry, in addition to Young Skål interest. This past year, Skål International Philadelphia has increased its activity on both social media and website exposure, also benefiting the image and awareness of Skål International as an organization. 

Skål International Philadelphia would like to spotlight its current board members for their focus and dedication: Greg DeShields, President; Mariska Bogle, Vice President; Betsy Barber, Secretary; Frank Klare, Treasurer; Debbie Magaldi, Skål International USA Representative; David Hirsh, Director; Martin McDonough, Membership Development Officer; Don Gable, Director; Amy Bendekovits, Director and Web Administrator. 

To learn more about Skål International Philadelphia, visit our ever changing website or like us on facebook @SkalPhiladelphia.