Skål International Mumbai South hosts a grand Diwali Bash at ITC Maratha

Skål International Mumbai South celebrates the revival of the trade, launches an exclusive video on ‘Why Join Skål?’, and welcomes the festive season at this special get-together.

On Wednesday, October 27th, Skål International Mumbai South hosted a grand Diwali Bash at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.

Gracing the occasion as Chief Guests were Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Maharashtra; Mrs. Valsa Nair Singh, Principal Secretary of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Maharashtra Excise; and Ms. Ranjini Nambiar, Immediate Past President, Skål India. Also present at the occasion were Mr. Sammy Yahia, Director, India and Philippines, State of Israel Ministry of Tourism, and Mr. Judah Samuel, Director of Marketing – India, Israel Ministry of Tourism.

The evening was a breath of fresh air, as it was one of the first physical events held since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

Speaking at the Diwali Bash, a very optimistic Mrs. Valsa Singh Nair said, “I am so happy that travel and tourism is coming back to where it was pre-Covid. This Diwali Bash is the first physical meeting that I have attended with tourism stakeholders in the last two years. It had either been virtual meetings, or there have been hybrid meetings. But this is the first meeting where I’m seeing people in flesh and blood. It’s nice to know that tourism is slowly coming on track, through ‘revenge tourism’. Restaurants are also doing well, with timings getting extended gradually. This event is a great way to usher in the occasion of Diwali”.

The Skål International Mumbai South Diwali Bash was attended by Skålleagues from the club, along with their respective spouses, and several other guests. The evening was a magnificent affair, with the choicest of food, wine, and lots more at the splendid ITC Maratha property.

Mr. Kuldeep Bharti, President, Skål International Mumbai South (and VP, Operations, ITC Hotels and Welcomhotel Group); Mr. Atul Bhalla, Area Manager – West, ITC Hotels, and General Manager, ITC Maratha; and the Group’s wonderful team were instrumental in putting all this together.

K. Thomas, Secretary, Skål International Mumbai South, shared, “Eighteen months have passed, and we have survived it all. To that, kudos to you all for the resilience, persistence, and patience shown. This, too, shall pass! As we gear up for the “unlock” phase, may this period of Diwali and other festivals remind us of the pain we have gone through, and help us to come up with a resolve to grow and become bigger and better, whilst trying to make the travel and tourism trade more foolproof by adopting technology and new business models for our survival. Here’s looking forward to a bright and positive season, and for a great year ahead of us in 2022!

On the occasion, Skål International Mumbai South premiered ‘Why Join Skål?’ – an exclusive video produced by the club, which showcases the innumerable benefits and privileges that a Skål International member enjoys. 

A beautiful ‘Skål International Mumbai South’ Family Tree was also created, with pictures of the club’s members. Rejoicing the tune of the Skål International Anthem and by raising the Skål Toast, everyone celebrated the ushering in of a new season!

With a hope and prayer to make this festive season a safe, successful, and prosperous one, the Skål International Mumbai South family looks forward to celebrating many such gatherings in the coming months.