Skål International Madrid pays tribute to healthcare professionals

Skål International Madrid held a ceremony to pay tribute to healthcare professionals from Madrid at the hotel Ciudad de Móstoles, which was attended by Joan Molas, President of the Spanish Tourist Board, and Felipe González Abad, Senior Advisor to Amadeus.

Representing the healthcare professionals was nurse Asunción Manzanares de los Santos who had a stay at the hotel Ciudad de Móstoles managed by Skålleague Armando Milán. The company offered free of charge accommodation to health professionals from 27 March to 1 June when it opened to the general public, following a thorough disinfection. Asunción told everyone in her speech that she had slept in her car for several days, so as not to contaminate her family.

Skål International brings together nearly 14,000 senior professionals in the global Travel and Tourism industry who are members of over 340 clubs in around 100 countries.

Skål International Madrid was founded in 1953 and one of its most famous members is the renown barman Perico Chicote.

Pictured from left to right Armando Milán, Director of the hotel; Joan Molas, President of the Tourism Board; Asunción Manzanares, nurse; Francisco Rivero, President of Skål International Madrid and Felipe González, Senior Advisor to Amadeus.