National activities of Skål International Mexico January-February’22

Skål International Mexico confirms nationwide activities that took place over the last few weeks between its clubs.

Skål International México shares some of the Skålleagues recent highlights:

Skål International Taxco

New Board of Directors

On 28 January of this year, the Board of Directors of Skål International Taxco was changed, chaired by the National President of Skål International Mexico, Jane García.

Being sworn in as the new President was Antonieta Pineda Delgado and her Board of Directors was comprised of Vice President Francisco Alvarez Castañeda, Secretary Xóchitl Cervantes Pineda, Treasurer Daniel Luna Gómez, Communications and Web Master Board Member Enrique del Rayo Salcedo, Club Sustainability Board Member Bruno Contreras Espinosa, New Partners and Twinning Board Member Omar Contreras Espinosa, Former President Adviser Ramón Brito Cuevas and as outgoing President, Nau Aguilera Alvarez, who was named the Skålleague of the year with the Rafa Millán award.

The guests included the President of Skål International Puebla, Javier Arturo Domínguez, the Secretary of Tourism Guerrero Santos Ramírez, and Skålleague friends from Mexico City, Acapulco and Puebla.

Skål International Villahermosa

Monthly meal

In compliance with all the health measures established by the official newspaper on 28 January, the first Skål International Villahermosa monthly meal of 2022 was held, in which several members of this club participated, as well as the two Former Presidents Francisco Guzman, Founding President, and Gerardo Banda, being the first official meal of the new president of the club, Sara Soto.

Various topics were covered in favour of Tabasco and Mexican tourism, as well as information from the national board and the presentation of some guests and future partners.

We then went on to taste a wonderful menu, prepared by the in-house chef, Jorge, who delighted us with tacos of octopus al pastor, which caused more than one of us suffer, since both the octopus and the tortilla were prepared with habanero chilli. This was followed by avocado stuffed with tuna and salmon marinated in spices, and then a seafood broth with the special touch of oysters, followed by breaded sea bass, culminating with a wonderful red fruit pie, all accompanied by wines from Casa Marroquín and high-end liquors.

Special guests were Jesús Manuel Raúl Soberano, President of the Asociación Mexicana de Hoteles y Moteles de Tabasco, A.C., Alma Espadas, Mayor of the Municipality of Teapa and Karla Durán, 3rd Councillor of the Municipality of Centro.

Skål International Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

First meeting

Our first meeting of 2022 took place at River Café, a historic restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that has welcomed us for years, with excellent service, culinary offerings and facilities. 

It was attended by 26 Skålleagues and 5 guests, candidates to join the club. 

The most notable points of the National Board Meeting in Playa Mujeres were reported. The 10% increase in the cost of annual membership was put to a vote with no votes against. 

The increases in the fees payable to Skål International Mexico, as well as the payment deadlines, were reported. 

Skål International Riviera Maya

First 2022 meal

In a spectacular setting on the beach at Tulum, we had the pleasure of celebrating our first Skål International Riviera Maya meal of this new year 2022.

With our brand new president Francelia Mota as hostess and the Club de Playa Mia, we started off on the right foot!

Good wines, good food and unbeatable company were the accompaniments to this, our first meeting of the year.

Congratulations to Tulum, the Club de Playa Mia and all our Skålleagues and guests!!

Skål International Tijuana - Ensenada

New Board of Directors

Skål International Tijuana – Ensenada, on Friday 03 December at the Hotel Palacio Azteca in Tijuana, Baja California, underwent a change of the Board of Directors.

  • President: Radomir Bojanic 

  • Vice President: Napoleón Medina

  • Secretary: Jahdiel Vargas

  • Treasurer: Jorge Luis Sánchez

  • House Committee: Edgar Casillas

  • Member services: Guillermo Gallegos

  • Networking: Gilberto Gamiño

Presentation of awards: 

  • Recognition and plaque to the outgoing president, Carlos Cruz.

  • Recognition for the outgoing Board of Directors.

Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos

New President

Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos, on Saturday 15 January, had a celebration where the Founding President of the club, Jane García, exchanged her pendant for that of the National President of Skål International Mexico and appointed Abraham Mendoza to lead the club.