Meeting of Skål International Côte d'Azur

Skål International Côte d'Azur organised its resumption evening after easing of lockdown restrictions at the IT Villaggio restaurant in Cap 3000.

Meeting of Skål International Côte d'Azur, Tuesday, 7 July 2020, IT Villaggio Restaurant at CAP 3000.

Nicolle Martin, President of Skål International Côte d'Azur was able to bring together more than 80 stakeholders from the Tourism industry and the press for this meeting, which is very encouraging for the reputation of the club given the current situation of these professionals: closure of certain establishments, reopening this week for others, partial unemployment of the staff, holiday period.

It should be noted that once again, 17 Tourism professionals participated for the first time in this new meeting.

After this unprecedented crisis that we have been experiencing, normal life is gradually starting up again: re-openings, resumption of travel and the return of French and European customers.

During the lockdown, Skål International Côte d'Azur has maintained a close relationship with its members through:

  • The Newsletter.

  • Weekly press reviews.

  • The Skål toast by Skålleagues on World Skål Day.

  • Skål International webinars to get an idea of the situation Skålleagues were experiencing internationally.

  • Successful participation in the Tourism online workshop on the 28th of May.

  • Implementation of packages from our hospitality Skålleagues throughout in France but also in Europe as Skål International Côte d'Azur is now present within Skål International Europe.

The new Skål International Côte d'Azur website is now complete. Don't hesitate to check it out! 

It is also possible to keep up to date with all the activities of Skål International Côte d'Azur on social networks

The induction ceremony:

  • Chloé Julian Head of Tourism promotion at CAP 3000.

  • Elodie Creuse Sales Manager of the coach company TRANSDEV.

  • Karen Serfaty Founder of the Food Hotel Tech trade show.

  • Albert Ducic of the company Adorik Consulting.

Roch Charles Rosier, Director of Cap 3000 and Alexandre Clotilde, associate member of the IT Villagio restaurant, presented us with their beautiful establishment. Cap 3000 gave each participant a lovely souvenir gift. 

The evening continued around an Italian buffet in a dream setting on the edge of the big blue sea in the IT Villaggio restaurant, 3000 m² dedicated to Southern Italy, its gastronomy and traditions. You will find 100% Italian products on the menu... Everything is fresh and homemade from scratch on a daily basis, you will see the artisans preparing mozzarella, pizza dough and fresh pasta before your eyes each and every day

On the menu:

On our large terrace overlooking the sea, an Italian buffet was set up offering an assortment of antipasti, cold cuts, cheeses and mozzarella di casa produced in the restaurant, as well as an assortment of pizzas accompanied by a glass of Italian white or rosé wine. Finally, a sweet touch with the famous tiramisu or fresh fruit accompanied the authentic Italian coffee

The President and all the participants raised the Skål toast.

An evening crowned with success!